Poor posture has a negative effect on every dimension of our lives, but few people know what good posture really is and how to achieve it.  Our modern lifestyle shapes our bodies, or rather, misshapes them.  Poor posture puts excess stress on the joints of the body, restricts breathing, slows metabolism and even affects hormonal balance.

Yoga can be used in specific ways to bring more balance not only in the physical sense, but also mental and emotional, since poor posture often begins as a defense mechanism.  You can fight back the effects of our modern lifestyle with Yoga! 

We will talk about the energy centers known as chakras, and this workshop will cover the main seven along the spinal column, how to spot blockages of energy and what to do to help clear them up by correcting your posture.  Explore proper alignment in the most common and simple Yoga poses, and then apply that understanding to your everyday life.

Before attending the workshop, please watch my Youtube video on neck alignment parts 1 and 2.