Integration is in the action!  Come to learn about your deep core, how to use it, and how to tap into its potential.  Learn why the rippled look of "six-pack" abs can actually create health problems down the road.  Break free from the "flat stomach" obsession so prevalent in our society and discover true strength deep within. 

The workshop will include discussion of anatomy, so that we have a map of the deep core muscles and know what is in there - the members of your "core team".  Then we will look at ways to bring those muscles to action - movements from Yoga, Pilates and other modalities that integrate these muscles so that every movement you make in your workouts, group classes, and everyday life is informed from the core. This workshop is appropriate for anyone seeking increased body awareness and greater structural integration and balance.  There will not be a grueling workout as in some other core workshops, so if you are out of shape - don't worry, you will learn what to do and how to do it, so you can go at your pace.

Finally, bringing the Yogic perspective, we will talk about deeper and subtler aspects of the core - its energetic side.  How can one feel more confident, more at ease, more in control of our lives?  A sense of true core strength comes from treating your body with dignity and respect.  Radiate your inner power and balance the energy of the Third Chakra in the Solar Plexus with this in-depth journey to your true core Self.  This workshop is a great way to cross-train for any activity in your life, including sitting at the desk all day!  Special feature - all participants receive a DVD to practice at home.

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Meanwhile, watch my Youtube video on Moving from the Core:

And here is another short video, demonstrating one movement that we will be learning at the workshop: