Thanksgiving came and went, but I am always aglow with the feeling of gratitude, so let me count the ways...

It has been such a privilege to study Yoga from some of the best teachers, who have sometimes gently, sometimes sternly guided me on this path.  Grateful ever more to the teacher within, who looks after me, protects me, directs me, inspires me.

Amazed that people say they learn so much from me, that I have been instrumental in their search for Self, a useful guide towards transformation.  But what I am most amazed at is how much I learn from them - every single student has taught me about caring, thoughtfulness, humility, compassion and love - these people embody these qualities and I delight in their company.  Moreover, some of them are dear friends, and even though we are student and teacher on some level, on the most important level - human, we are equals, and it is wonderful to have good friends to walk through life with.

Grateful also for all the setbacks, pain, discomfort and illness, for it has taught me to persevere, to have faith, to stick to my practice through flu or injury, because it heals and teaches me about myself.  All the pain has been so transformational.

Grateful for all the gifts my guardian Angel has bestowed upon me, as I stumble blindly through darkness and confusion I have repeatedly been taken by the hand and led to the light.  Whoever is watching over me - you have not gone unnoticed!  I, of little faith, sometime wonder what did I do to deserve such fabulous gifts.  Maybe I am not all bad, then...

Grateful for the family around me, as they enrich my life beyond what I ever imagined, ever dreamed.  The gift that I cherish the most - grateful for every day with them as I fall asleep, and rejoiced at every new day as I wake up.