Not all Yoga poses are appropriate for everyone, but there are some that most people can and should do. I paired down to just a few of my favorites that are going to make you feel great every day no matter your age, gender, or experience. Sometimes I say that just because you can, doesn't mean you should. This is the opposite - if you can, you definitely should!

These are simple, easy poses that are not strenuous on the body, but each one has a long list of benefits. By including these poses in your every day routine, you are going to check all the boxes.

  • neck and shoulder tension
  • low back pain/tension
  • balance
  • core strength
  • flexibility and stability of hips and pelvis
  • stretch your hip flexors (get tight from sitting)
  • strengthen your spinal column
  • deepen your breathing
  • improve digestion and elimination
  • relieve stress and find a balanced state of mind

Need I go on? These poses are:

  1. Tadasana - the Palm tree pose. Simple arm raises overhead, perhaps adding a balancing element by coming up on the balls of the feet as you inhale arms up, and lowering heels down as you exhale and release the arms down to your sides.
  2. Virabadrasana - Warrior Pose. With one foot in front of the other, lifting the arms overhead on the inhale while simultaneously bending the front knee will lift your energy levels, open your chest, strengthen your back, stretch your hip flexors.
  3. Chakra Vakrasana 1 - Child to Table pose. Easy and meditative, this pose is great to stretch the low back while at the same time opening the hips. Coordinating breath and movement together is a great skill to practice here.
  4. Chakra Vakrasana 2 - Cat and Cow pose. What Yoga practice is complete without this staple that will mobilize your spine.
  5. Bhujanghasana - Cobra pose. This one will strengthen our slouchy backs and help us keep a better posture. I offer two versions!
  6. Dwi Pada Pitham - Bridge pose. There are a couple of variations of this one that can be used for different purposes - to strengthen and integrate the core or to relieve neck and shoulder tension. Both increase circulation to the upper back and the brain.
  7. Jathara Parivartanasana 1 and 2 - Winshield Wipers and its more demanding version, the Stomach Churning pose. These twists are superposes - they stretch the low back and the chest, they realign shoulder and pelvis while lubricating your spinal disks. They also increase circulation to digestive organs.
  8. Apanasana - Knees into Chest pose. My favorite! So easy, so delightful, so good. Apana is the downward force in the body that eliminates toxins and wastes, not just physical, but also mental. A great pose to do before relaxation and as a counterpose to pretty much anything in life.

Watch the companion video for the sequence and the instructions.


Anna M.