Benefits of cross-training have long been recognized as a way to boost performance.  Our activities shape our bodies, and when we engage in the same type of activity day in and day out, it can create an imbalance.  Fitness is not synonymous with health!

With a customized Yoga practice you will be able to do what you love to do, but better, stay in the game longer, and sustain fewer injuries. 

Flexibility without strength is a a liability - it becomes an invitation to injury.  Strength without flexibility is often useless - without a full range of movement the full potential of strength cannot be accessed.  Flexibility and strength in equal measure is key to a balanced, healthy, and fit body and mind.

I have been helping athletes to gain an edge in their training while at the same time teaching the competitive spirit new ways to a sense of self-worth with Yoga.  Yoga's emphasis on acceptance of one's limitations, disciplined perseverance to overcome them safely, as well as calm, appropriate response to the challenges of Life can be a great guide to heath and a fitness for us.

Private sessions are $90.